St Michael's
C.E. Primary School

Believe, Achieve, Succeed


At St Michael's we believe that education is important because it provides our children with the skills needed for life. In order to gain these skills, children need to attend school regularly and punctually – this is both for academic and social reasons.

We aim to: Listen, understand, empathise and support – but do not tolerate poor attendance. 

As a school we will work closely with children, parents and the local community to resolve attendance issues. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child attends school on time, unless there is an authorised reason for their absence.

A number of incentives are in place to promote good attendance; these include:

  • End of year certificates for 100% and 99% attendance. 
  • Display board in reception area to celebrate good attendance.
  • Prizes awarded to consistently high attending children.
  • Praise cards sent home for those who have improved their attendance 

The Government have set a minimum attendance level of 96% for every child.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your child's attendance, please contact Miss Vicky Cockell our Attendance Officer. 

Celebrating Good Attendance! 

After the success of last year's School Council attendance celebration shake up, we welcomed parents again for our Attendance Extravaganza in July to celebrate those children who achieved 100% and 99% attendance for the year! 

When deciding how we should acknowledge these successes, the School Council felt that it was important to not only celebrate 'perfect' attendance but to also congratulate those children that have managed to achieve good attendance of 99%. They also felt it was important for these children to still receive a prize of a certificate as well as a badge so people can recognise their achievements when they see them in the corridors.

Part of their important task was to decide on the prizes that would be given out. The School Council showed their kindness and put themselves in the shoes of the children who would be in the assembly. One child said 'I think it is more important that everyone wins something, rather than just one person. If that means we can't have a big prize at all, then that is ok because it's more important that everyone feels special.' It was agreed this was the most important part of our celebration and we were able to give those who received 100% attendance a certificate, gold badge and a £5 Amazon voucher! Children who achieved 99% attendance were awarded a badge and a certificate for their efforts. 

We were able to put all of the names of children who achieved 100% attendance into a raffle and a name drawn at random won the 'big' prize of a Rush Trampoline voucher to enjoy with their family over the Summer! 

We had an amazing time celebrating with our parents - there was music, laughter a photo booth with props and refreshment treats to enjoy!

Thank you to our School Council for your amazing time and effort with your work on this project and to our children who achieved great attendance last year!