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Design & Technology

Design & Technology gives young people an opportunity to combine different skills, such as, logical, creative and practical skills. They also use elements that they have learnt in Maths and Science to understand how products work and to then use this knowledge to create their own products, using a variety of resources, to solve real-life problems.  

At St Michael's, we believe that Design & Technology is an important part of our broad and balanced curriculum as it gives children the opportunity to become critical thinkers and to apply problem solving techniques. Design & Technology enables children to work creatively both individually and as part of a group, to solve real life problems in order to create a purposeful product fit for a specific user. 

A Design Technologist uses their evaluation skills to look at existing products and to identify improvements that could be made. They then use their creative skills to design a product, for a specific user. Problem solving skills are then implemented when making and improving a product through a series of prototypes. Design Technologists are reflective in their practise. 

If you have any further questions regarding this subject, please speak to Mrs Emma Todd or Miss Scarlett Slattery who is are Design & Technology Subject Champions.