St Michael's
C.E. Primary School

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 Our Teachers

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Our Admin and Site Staff

Staff List 2021-2022

Mrs Jane Bruten – Headteacher/DSL

Mrs Samantha Goode – Deputy Headteacher/DSL

Mrs Lucy Nicholls – Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion/SENDCo/DSL

Mrs Jaginder Rhal – Assistant Headteacher/Early Years Lead/DSL

Mrs Carly Bird – Assistant Headteacher/DSL

Miss K Coe – Nursery Class Teacher

Miss J Palmer – Reception Class Teacher

Miss A Sturdy – Reception Class Teacher

Miss A McIntosh – Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs E Todd – Year 1 Class Teacher

Miss L King – Year 2 Class Teacher/Phase Leader

Miss M Partridge – Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss R Jones – Year 3 Class Teacher/Phase Leader

Miss M Fox – Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs K Joyce – Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs A Ince - Year 4 Class Teacher (Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

Miss H O'Brien - Year 4 Class Teacher (Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)

Miss E Cullum-Hanshaw – Year 5 Class Teacher

Mrs E Hopkins – Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss C Maddocks – Year 6 Class Teacher/Phase Leader

Mr D Fisher – Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs G Andrews – Year 6 Class Teacher


Miss V Marsh – Year 4 Class Teacher/Phase Leader (On Maternity Leave)

Miss L Knowles – Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs W Steele – Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Sweeney – Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Bates – Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs P Walsh – Reception Teaching Assistant

Mrs W Burke – Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Miss J Messenger – Year 1 Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Melling – Year 2 Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T Wiggin – Year 2 + Year 6 Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss L Chatfield – Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Kemp – Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Miss I Depper – Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Miss G Elston – Year 5 Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Hurlbutt – Year 5 Teaching Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs R Evans – Inclusion/Pastoral Teaching Assistant

Miss C Robinson – Teaching Assistant

Miss H Perrin – 1:1 Support

Mrs L Titley – 1:1 Support/Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss G Salsbury - 1:1 Support

Mrs L Depper – Office Manager/PA to Headteacher

Miss V Cockell – Senior Administrator/Attendance Officer

Mrs M Davies – Clerical Assistant

Mr M Cosgrove – Site Manager

Mrs L Jones – Cleaner

Mrs K Fuery – Cleaner

Mr T Peckover – Cleaner

Mrs B Redfern – Cleaner

Miss D Wallett – Cleaner

Mrs L Haynes – Cleaner

Mrs S Pickering – Cleaner/Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs S Avery – Catering Manager

Miss S Stephens – Catering Assistant

Mrs S Broom – Catering Assistant

Mrs J Garmson – Catering Assistant

Mrs J Stewart – Catering Assistant/Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss R Ling – Lunchtime Supervisor (On Maternity Leave)

Miss K Thompson – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs T Paskin – Lunchtime Supervisor

Miss L Ryder – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs R Whitehouse – Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Reid - Lunchtime Supervisor

*Staff photos provided by Braiswick Photography*